Guest Posts

I’m always looking for recipe submissions! If you’d like to write a guest post for Brave New Breakfast, submit your recipe to me at with the subject BRAVE NEW BREAKFAST SUBMISSION.

Guest Post Guidelines

1. I do accept unsolicited submissions. That being said, if you want to email me first with your recipe/other idea for a guest post before you go to the trouble of writing it up, I’m happy to read that as well. I reserve the right to edit any guest posts as I see fit.

2. If you are submitting a recipe, please include the following:

Recipe name
Any pertinent background information
List of ingredients and preparation guidelines
A picture of the finished breakfast item
Your name
Your website/blog address (so I can send more traffic your way)

3. If your recipe has complicated bits, pictures taken during the process of making the dish would be appreciated.

4. Above all, have fun!

If you need inspiration, here is a list of all the Guest Posts here at BNB to date:
Paul Link’s Johnnycake Bennies


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