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The Dexter


I’m a huge fan of Dexter. It’s pretty much the best show on television, and it seems like every season gets exponentially better. The opening credits are also really great, and for a couple of years I’ve been wanting to put together a brunch menu based on the activities you see Dexter performing in the […]

Today, Tom shared his experience with a egg recipe from 1763. Learn how to make egg marmalade at CRUDITAS. A seriously weird dish, but maybe one you might want to add to an adventuresome breakfast table.

(Photo Credit: Tom Nealon) I first read Tom Nealon’s work on his brilliant “De Condimentis” series for HiLoBrow, and started reading his blog CRUDITAS shortly after that. (Incidentally, he also wrote the fantastic article “Golden Apples, Crimson Stew“, a brilliant explanation of Aztec foodways and ancient cannabalism.) Eggs are the quintessential American breakfast food, so […]


How is this a thing? How is this a thing that more than one person has dreamed up? I love tater tots. These recipes, however, make me a little queasy.

Inspired by a flatbread recipe in this month’s issue of Food and Wine. Phyllo Pizza with Pears and Bleu Cheese Serves 2 (with plenty of leftovers!) You will need… 1/2 a large red onion, sliced ultra-thin 1 large pear (such as Bartlett or Bosc) or two small pears (such as Comice), sliced ultra-thin 5 oz […]