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Yesterday, my parents served mountain lion sausage as part of their Christmas appetizer spread. It was awesome. The sausage was a smoked, lightly fermented summer-style sausage made from the tenderloin of a cougar, and it was very mild in flavor. The spices used in the sausage made it taste a lot like a ballpark hot […]

Oh man. That is some tasty looking jam. Go check out the recipe on The Cosmic Cowgirl right now. (Thanks to the wonderful Larry Clow for bringing this to my attention!)

I’m a sucker for a graphic T. These shirts make me hungry. The perfect thing to wear to a low-key weekend brunch…or while snarfing a bowl of Fruity Pebbles and watching Thundercats. Ah Munna Eat Choo, via Threadless Pancakes Mountain, via Threadless The Kellogg’s Breakfast Club, via 80s Tees The Breakfast of Winners, via Hot […]