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Love bacon ‘n eggs for breakfast? I’ve got a new recipe up at Associated Content for a carbonara-style risotto that offers you a delicious and interesting new way to enjoy bacon and eggs at breakfast time! Advertisements

Today is the one-year anniversary of the very first post on Brave New Breakfast! New to Brave New Breakfast? Or just looking for one of your favorite original recipes? Here’s the complete list of all the original recipes created by me that have been featured on this blog to date: Why I’m Doing This (My […]

I’ve got a new article up at Associated Content: The Secret Ingredient for Perfect Coffee: SALT? Check it out, tell your friends, and let me know how your experiments with Aguni salt work out. Also, look for a recipe here next month that features this gourmet salt from Japan!

Anthony Bourdain’s Medium Raw Challenge As you might have read on my other blogs, I’ve had a lot of success writing micro-fiction this year. Last month, I won a Twitter fiction contest hosted by MassTwitFic. Yesterday, I was informed that my entry into a competition would be published in an upcoming anthology edited by Ann […]

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I have some truly great recipes coming down the pike in September and October, including an interesting technique for brewing and flavoring coffee, one of my favorite dishes of all time, and some cookery inspired by the Hungry Scientist Handbook. The book features food and drink made with the assistance of chemicals or electronics, including […]

“A new report from the Food and Drug Administration has found that breakfast, once considered the most important meal of the day, has now slipped to sixth place, below brunch and just above midnight snack.” Read the whole piece now at The Onion.