Pop-Tarts Cafe Menu Revealed: Sushi a Top Pick!


According to the New York Times and CBS News, some of items for sale at the Pop-Tarts cafe include:

1. Fluffer Butter, marshmallow spread sandwiched between two Pop-Tarts frosted fudge pastries
2. Sticky Cinna Munchies, cinnamon rolls topped with cream-cheese icing and chunks of Pop-Tarts cinnamon-roll variety
3. Ants on a Log: celery, peanut butter and chunks of the Wild Grape version
4. Pop-Tarts Sushi, three kinds of Pop-Tarts minced and then wrapped in a fruit roll-up.

Really, Kellogg’s? Really?

You couldn’t think of anything more creative?

The menu planners must either be a bunch of stoners, or a bunch of 6-year olds.

Smells like a creative cooking challenge to me…


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