Absinthe Jelly and Other Delights


Top Chef may be back for an all-new season, but my latest food TV obsession hails from the other side of the Atlantic. Heston’s Feasts is a British TV program starring Heston Blumenthal, an immensely talented and creative chef. In each episode, he creates a lavish feast, with a different theme each week. He’s done Tudor foods, a feast inspired by gothic horror novels like Frankenstein, and even devoted a whole episode to the last meal served on the Titanic.

Breakfast lovers, rejoice! Heston’s whipped up some innovative fare that’s suitable for your morning table as well. For a slightly tipsy start to your day, why not spread some Absinthe Jelly on your toast? Granted, it’s more of a Jell-o than a jam, but it would certainly be an interesting way to start your day!

In his episode on Tudor food, he updates a 17th century rice pudding recipe, creating a sweet dish that looks just like bangers and mash. If you want a sausage made of rice pudding, you’ll just have to try to make them yourself!

Want more? You can check out clips and full episodes on YouTube or on the Channel 4 website.


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