Super Punch French Toast


Growing up, my parents used to take me to this little breakfast place on Sundays. Jazz piped in through the speakers, silverware clattered throughout the dining room, and my plate was piled high with the specialty of the house: Kahlua French Toast.

Maybe it seems weird that a six-year-old would love something made with alcohol, but I’m sure most of it evaporated during the cooking process. The delicate coffee flavor that remained was something entirely new to my developing taste buds, and I couldn’t get enough.

So it’s only natural that I would try to re-create this dish…but with a twist. Recently, my partner in crime and I reviewed a spirit called Super Punch Jannamico for our site T & T’s Bad Booze Review. The liquor is 88 proof, and tastes of caramel and preserved fruits. It was okay on it’s own, but I thought it could really shine in a bread pudding or a french toast.

Super Punch can be pretty tough to find depending on where you live. I was lucky enough to have my friend Dr. Bamboo send me a bottle as a gift. A quick search via Google Shopping should help you locate a bottle, but depending on your state’s laws, you may not be able to have it shipped to you. In that case, you could substitute Kahlua, Godiva, or an Irish cream liqueur. The recipe makes a sweet breakfast treat, but could also be served as a dessert.

Super Punch French Toast for One
You will need…

1 3-inch section from a baguette
1 egg
1 teaspoon milk
3 teaspoons Super Punch Jannamico (It seems like a lot, but the egg sort of mutes the alcoholic kick)

1. Cut the baguette into thin slices, about 1/4-1/2 inch thick.

2. Whisk together the egg, milk, and Super Punch in a shallow bowl.

3. Dunk each slice into the egg mixture. A great way to increase the flavor in each slice is to squeeze the bread slightly while submerged in the egg mixture. This forces the bread to act like a sponge and sucks up all the flavor in the batter.

4. Melt enough butter to cover the bottom of a heavy-bottomed saute pan. If the pan is uncoated, set the heat at medium. If the pan is coated in a non-stick material, you should bump the heat up to medium-high to get good browning.

5. Brown each slice of battered toast in the pan cooking each side for 2-4 minutes.

6. Plate and serve. You can top the french toast with maple syrup, caramel sauce, or even vanilla ice cream with fresh berries.


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