A Taste of Things to Come


I’m working on a new French Toast recipe…and I think you guys are gonna love it!

Pictured above is a liqueur called “Super Punch Jannamico”. You can watch my in-depth review of it here, but basically it’s an 88 proof spirit with caramelly fruit overtones….not unlike a fruitcake.

Growing up, there was this little restaurant near my house that made french toast with a Kahlua batter. So it’s only fitting that I try to update that recipe using Super Punch. I’m still refining the recipe, but look for it in the next couple of days. I think it’ll be pretty tasty!


One Response to “A Taste of Things to Come”

  1. Let me know how it turned out. For now you really got me interested with this Super Punch Jannamico, lol! I think I’ll be going out tonight and check if I can get me one of these from the grocery store. I’d like to try it in my blueberry-vodka punch.

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