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Growing up, my parents used to take me to this little breakfast place on Sundays. Jazz piped in through the speakers, silverware clattered throughout the dining room, and my plate was piled high with the specialty of the house: Kahlua French Toast. Maybe it seems weird that a six-year-old would love something made with alcohol, […]

If you heard about us today on New Hampshire Public Radio, welcome! If you’re just joining the party here at Brave New Breakfast, allow me to introduce myself! I’m Tucker Cummings, and I run things around here. Here’s a round-up of some of our Greatest Hits: Why I’m Doing This The Two Recipes Mentioned On-Air […]

I’m working on a new French Toast recipe…and I think you guys are gonna love it! Pictured above is a liqueur called “Super Punch Jannamico”. You can watch my in-depth review of it here, but basically it’s an 88 proof spirit with caramelly fruit overtones….not unlike a fruitcake. Growing up, there was this little restaurant […]

NHPR’s Word of Mouth mentioned Brave New Breakfast in a great episode rounding up NH food blogs today! I got a mention on both the “Here’s What’s Awesome” blog, as well as a 90-second on-air piece! You can listen to the whole program here, and the part about BNB starts around the 18 minute mark. […]

I love Maki’s website JUST BENTO. She puts together this incredibly beautiful food that just looks so stunning in photos. And it tastes great. AND IT’S HEALTHY. She’s amazing, and these recipes for savory muffins look awesome!

Recipes from Brave New Breakfast are graciously being featured on the New Hampshire Public Radio website. As part of their series on food in New Hampshire, NHPR is putting together an online cookbook featuring recipes from NH residents and using local ingredients. Check out my recipes (and many others!) here. Special thanks to Brady Carlson, […]

Looking for a sweet breakfast that you can make in a hurry? Here’s my recipe for Quick Apple Pancakes with Easy Chunky Apple Compote. It’s not the most adventurous recipe I’ve ever posted or linked to on Brave New Breakfast, but it’s great for busy mornings when you are scrambling to feed your kids (or […]