Ideas for Valentine’s Day Breakfast


I’ll be honest. I HATE Valentine’s Day. The only thing more asinine than V-Day is Sweetest Day. Yes, that is a real holiday. Look it up.

Valentine’s Day is a stupid, overly commercialized holiday. It sets up unrealistic expectations for both people in the relationship, and only serves to make single people feel more lonely. It also promotes the idea, however unintentionally, that a multitude of sins will be forgiven so long as you are nice to your siginificant other on this one day out of the entire year. Does your relationship really need another level of stress? I think not. I mean, I’ve got a great guy in my life this year, and I still refuse to celebrate on the 14th. (Well, with the possible exception of sending one of these subversive, fantastic e-cards.)

Valentine’s Day is just another stupid holiday concocted by a dark cabal of chocolatiers, florists, and stuffed animal manufacturers. Personally, I like my flowers alive and firmly attached to the plant of their origin. I hate teddy bears. But I do love chocolates.

So while I have no intention of celebrating this stupid holiday, I am a fierce supporter of chocolate for breakfast. And what better day than Valentine’s Day to indulge in something sweet?

That’s why I’m pointing you in the direction of one of my favorite food writers, David Leite. He’s doing a whole series on chocolate in honor of V-Day. These two recipes caught my eye. If you are looking for a special breakfast to make for the love of your life this Valentine’s Day, try one of these!

Dark Chocolate Waffles

White Chocolate-Grapefruit Mousse with Chocolate Phyllo


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