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Stumbling around the internet looking for traditional breakfast recipes from Ecuador, I found this totally awesome website. Looking for a creative breakfast recipe? Perhaps some Egyptian Slow-cooked Eggs? Atole? Chakchouka? Vigorón? And of course, my very most favorite breakfast of all time: The Hangtown Fry. It’s all here. Advertisements

Mental Floss just ran a great article about some of the best food blogs from around the internet. Of special interest to you breakfast lovers is the Waffleizer. Did you know you can make eggs on a waffle iron? DELICIOUS!

Just had a wonderful vegetarian breakfast wrap here at Adelle’s Coffeehouse. Delicious whole wheat wrap containing scrambled eggs, homemade vegetarian sausage, potato and veggie hash, cheddar cheese, and a spicy tomato sauce. Delish. Paired it with a spicy hot cocoa (made with cinnamon and cayenne pepper. Perfectly spiced.

I’ll be honest. I HATE Valentine’s Day. The only thing more asinine than V-Day is Sweetest Day. Yes, that is a real holiday. Look it up. Valentine’s Day is a stupid, overly commercialized holiday. It sets up unrealistic expectations for both people in the relationship, and only serves to make single people feel more lonely. […]

I submitted this recipe to Threadless’s Chili Bowl Recipe Contest. The idea was to come up with a creative chili that paid a homage to the Superbowl in some way. I didn’t win the contest, but I thought I’d post the recipe here for your enjoyment! “Monsieur Schnitzel’s Fusion Chili of Awesomeness” (Chili Schnitzel Étouffée) […]

I’ve completely gringo-fied a traditional Mexican dish. What’s more, I can’t seem to spell it correctly or consitently. Shame on me. It’s very tasty, though. Featured in classic books such as Like Water for Chocolate, Champandongo is one classic Mexican dish that hasn’t been bastardized by Taco Bell…yet. Randy and Tory call it MEXICAN LASAGNA. […]

Over the weekend I made by own version of Champandango. It’s definitely been gringo-fied, but it was a big hit with the boys in the band! I’ll try to cobble together a recipe and rundown later this week. Til then…how about a strudel recipe? Strudel isn’t exactly a breakfast food in my book…but it is […]