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In honor of Turkey Day tomorrow, here’s one idea for how to incorporate your leftovers into a tasty breakfast: Diane Sawyer’s Turkey Hash. Advertisements

This recipe for Curried Oatmeal with Carmelized Onions comes from Saveur, my all-time favorite cooking magazine, and it looks absolutely incredible. In the words of the recipe’s author, “I realize it might sound strange to those who are used to brown sugar and butter, raisins or fruit, but curried oatmeal with caramelized onions is a […]

Had a great vacation in Ireland! The food was all excellent, including the various foods I had for breakfast. On my last day there, I had a breakfast sandwich on a baguette. It was a bacon and egg sort of deal, but what makes it worth mentioning is that rather than being made with scrambled […]

On Vacation.


Brave New Breakfast is on a brief hiatus, as I will be leaving for a trip Dublin later this week. I’ll be sure to tell you all about my Irish breakfasts when I return! If you are looking for some creative breakfast ideas while I’m gone, might I suggest Maggie’s blog?