Pork Congee (via Riya’s Kitchen)


Most great cooking cultures have some kind of porridge that is a staple of the farming and working classes. The grain changes depending on the region: in some places, it is oats, or wheat…and in China and other parts of Asia, breakfast porridges are made from rice.

These rice porridges are known as congee, zhou, lugao, bubur, or kayu in various parts of Asia. It is a thick white porridge that can be augmented with soy, bamboo shoots, duck eggs, meat, or vegetables. In the northern parts of China, were rice does not grow well, congee is made from millet, cornmeal, barley, or sorghum.

This recipe for pork congee comes from the blog Riya’s Kitchen. This simple dish is a breakfast staple for billions of people throughout Asia, but is less commonly eaten in other parts of the world. If you are looking for something different for breakfast, congee is worth trying!


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